Part of being mom is doing your best to help your family thrive. This could manifest in many forms. Working moms, stay-at-home moms, side-job moms, & saving moms are all hats we wear from one time to another.  I’m currently in the SAHM, SJM and Saving Mom stage of life. Ha!

We want to make it easier financially for our family to have certain things that we couldn’t normally afford. Below are some of the ways I do just that.


Yes! Consigning is a thing! Consignment events are my jam! See some of my stories.

Shopping at the Event

Selling at the Event

Side Jobs:

Side jobs can help sustain a family. Whether its just a few hundred dollars a month to help pay for groceries or those little “extras” to a semi-full time career that allows for your family to pay off debt and keep it paid off. These are some of my stories from my side job experiences.



Career moms are amazing women! Either by choice or not, these women rock the working world and still come home to manage the house. I have been both a SAHM and a career mom. Neither is easier than the other. In either case, sacrifices are made to better the family. Here are some of my career stories.


Other Money Items:

No Worries, Names Are Pointless

Other stories will be added as I write more money stories.