This page is dedicated to all things mom. From early starts with a newborn to raising a teen. This page will contain links to some of my stories about my personal experiences being a mom.

Early “Mom”-hood:

Early mom’s have it hard. Especially first-time moms. You have this completely dependent little human that you know nothing about. You have to learn so much. These are my anecdotes and experiences. I’m not an expert, so what I share is from a personal experience.

Choosing how to feed your baby

Pumping Tips

Baby Monitors (fun)



Whether you work outside of the home or in the home, being a mom is hard. Below are some of my stories about my personal choices for my family.

Emotional Choices

Career vs. Stay-At-Home

Teacher pet peeves

Other Mom Things:

These stories are  other things related to life as mom.

Late Age Pregnancy

Other stories will be added as I write more mom stories.