Kids can be crazy. All ages! Little kids are more physically demanding while older kids are emotionally stressful.

Below are links to some of my stories about my kids.  Enjoy!


I have a son with a medical condition called Hyptonia. I have had to learn how to navigate the system of baby/toddler healthcare like I never thought I would. I’m sharing my experiences as we go.

One year of hypotonia…

Advocating for your child


Toddlers and babies can be frustrating, but adorable. These are some of my personal observations of my kids’ cute antics!

Couch Time with a 2 Year Old

Phrases Toddlers Say

Baby Monitor Obsessions

Older Kids:

Raising a teenager can be tough! Teens are moody, constantly embarrassed by anything us parents do, and all around frustrating. But it is also amazing to see how they grow and mature into young adults. I love sharing stories and observations from our teen’s life.

“Costs” of Sports

This page will be updated as I add more stories. I hope you enjoy some of my “mom” observations!