About This Momma

Douglasnewborn776 (2)Hello!

I’m a 30-something former mathematics teacher turned stay-at-home-mom when I had my second baby in less than 2 years!  I love teaching!  It is my passion.  But what drives me more is making sure my babes are cared for in a way that I can live with.  I taught part-time after my first was born. Then having my second and trying to come back part-time again was more difficult than I imagined.  I knew I needed a change and being a SAHM was what I knew would work best for our family.

My kids are everything.  We have a teenager, an almost three year old and a just over one year old.  Our teenager is from my husband’s previous marriage.  I love her so much and want her to thrive and succeed in this world.  I have an almost three year old, fiesty girl who loves to challenge our consistency.  She’s super smart (all parents say that right?) and figures things out quick!  She keeps us on our toes, that’s for sure!  My just over one year old son is our happy, easy-going guy.  He loves when you just give him a smile, or a little hug.  He’s my snuggler, which I love.  He has some physical issues we’re figuring out – you bet there’ll be a blog on it!  All of my kids are my joys!

My husband is my rock.  He keeps me grounded.  He brings home the bacon and eggs and waffles, too!  We have our moments, but you’ll never see me disparage him here!  At the end of the day, the fleeting feelings I have that may make me angry with him will never be put in stone (or online).  The negative feelings pass and our love remains.  He supports and loves me for who I am as I do him.

So, join me for this wild ride that is our life.  Look and see what is going on in our world. We may have something in common!


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